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Studies on white roofs

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Estudos Sobre Tetos Brancos

Studies conducted by South Mississippi University, Mississippi Power Company and Rhom and Hass concluded that:

Buildings with dark roofs absorb too much heat through their roofs and such heat mass is transferred into the internal environment, which increases the internal temperature to levels often unbearable.

When the indoor temperature is very high and the environment is air conditioned, such air conditioning equipment must operate with high intensity in order to reach the temperature set on the thermostat, which increases the energy consumption and causes greater wear and tear. This will result not only in increased energy costs, but also higher maintenance costs of the equipment. When the environment is not air conditioned, the indoor temperature rises to such a level that any activity performed in the environment becomes unbearable.

In case of operation of machines, the risk of accidents in an very hot environment can be high and even fatal since it causes drowsiness and workers’ inattention. The deterioration of the roof is another problem, whereas the surface may reach approximately 90 to 100ºC, causing an expansion of the roof in all directions, and after sunset or if a cloud blocks the sun, when the roof cools down and contracts again. Such heating and cooling effects cause screw loosening or even its breaking since the screws remain fixed and their holes become stripped or even break the screw in two, causing the exposure of the holes where the screws used to be. Rainwater enters through these holes and floods the environment, sometimes causing material losses with very high cost of repair or replacement.

Besides that, it is worth remembering that UV-ray attack deteriorate all roof seals and high temperatures cause the splitting of the joints over the years, leaving a vulnerable point that is susceptible to leakage of rainwater.

Based on the above mentioned, companies specialized in special coatings directed their researches towards high reflectivity and low heat absorption products for application on roofs, in order to reduce the surface temperature of roofs.

The result from said researches was the ceramic-based white acrylic system, such as Max Protection System by EMC DO BRASIL which is white, with 95% of reflectivity, 0.9 of emissivity and the result of its application is a cold roof, even during the hottest hours of the Summer. Such efficiency results in sheds with up to 2-story high and without air conditioning having an internal temperature of up to 2º C above the external temperature under the shade of a tree, making the temperature in the work environment extremely pleasant.

Max Protection System waterproofs all roof surface, using the mechanical strength of the polyester fabric both in vertical and horizontal joints, saturated with acrylic waterproofing, also used on screws, transforming the roof into a monolithic block that, at the end, receives two layers of Maxtherm #2000 coating that will protect all waterproofing treatment, significantly reducing the thermal load and extending the useful life of the roof.