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1989 – Ceramic coating ASTEC, made by ICC (Insulating Coatings Corporation of the United States), is exclusively represented by EMC no Brasil;

1990 – The material (ASTEC) previously unknown is imported by EMC (1000 gallons). It is applied free of charge, on a trial basis, on roofs of Companies throughout the national territory.

– The first agreement is executed in Rio Grande do sul. After our material is applied, a fantastic result is observed at the time: a 50% reduction of the temperature below the tiles and a 6º C reduction in internal temperature of the user Companies;

1991 – EMC decides to dedicate itself exclusively to the application of the new Astec System for the restoration of roofs and the reduction of thermal loads;

1993 – EMC provides training to three Teams fully dedicated to the application of Astec System, reaching 300,000 m² of treated areas;

1995 – Reaching the number of 1 million treated square meters, EMC is awarded with two excellence prizes by the American manufacturer: “Greater purchase volume” and “Dealer of the Year”;

1996 – EMC takes part of the largest construction fair in Brazil, “FEICON”, reaching the amazing number of 600 daily visits in its Exhibition Stand. More than 100 agreements executed in just one week;

– EMC is awarded with three prizes by American ICC (Insulating Coatings Corporation):

1) “Dealer of the Year” (as the most representative Dealer);

2) “World’s largest prestige application” (for waterproofing and thermal insulation services provided to the Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói);

3) “Greater collaborative spirit” (due to the development of new application techniques in Brazil, resulting in a reduction of time to perform the services and a substantial improvement of workmanship).

1997 – ICC (Insulating Coatings Corporation) awards a new prize: “Service of greater complexity”, for the roof restoration of Shopping Catuaí, in Maringá, State of Paraná;

2001 – A target of 4 million treated square meters is established, reaching the number of 10 teams especially trained to apply Astec System;

2005 – A new EMC Group’s Company is organized in the United States;

– In Brazil, the emblematic number of 10 million treated square meters is reached;

2006 – A change in the international commercial scene (unexpected rise in the dollar) requires EMC to obtain a manufacturing license for products of Insulating Coatings Corporation. Thus, EMC builds its own plant in Brazil. Using BASF resins, EMC starts to manufacture Thermal Insulator Maxtherm#2000, Waterproofing Maxproof#3000 and Anti-Corrosion Primer Maxrust#4000 that jointly receive the name Max Protection System for the restoration and treatment of roofs;

2008 – Once the new company is inaugurated in the Dominican Republic, uniting American and Dominican partners, EMC starts to operate Codotep – Companhia Dominicana de Techos y Pinturas Ltda., performing works in poorly developed Free Trade Zones and tourist hotel complexes;

2009 – The modern Membrane System of TPO, EPDM and PVC is included to the already extensive list of products developed by EMC. In order to such system is implemented, the necessary tools and equipment are imported, including a state-of-the-art robot used for welding, which fulfills the enhancement of the Teams already duly trained and qualified for the installation of new products.