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Urban heat islands

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Ilhas de Calor Urbanas

Besides the problems with deterioration caused by dark tiles or aluminum roof coatings, these roofs release a large amount of hot air from their surface to the atmosphere that, together with the heat generated by the asphalt from the streets and by the concrete of buildings, significantly contributes to the development of the already known “Heat Urban Islands”. This results in an enormous expenditure of energy with air conditioning and also a dramatic increase in energy demand during peak hours.

It is already proved that white roofs reduce temperatures of the roof surface by approximately 60%, as well as the energy demand during peak hours by approximately 50%, almost eliminating the “Heat Urban Islands” effects.

EMC do Brasil monitors, as a rule, the temperatures of all performed services by using sensors installed below the roof in order to measure the contact temperature under the tile and 1.7 meter above the floor. Such monitoring is performed before, during and after the application of Max Protection System by EMC do Brasil, so that the customer can continuously evaluate the performance of the system.