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Roof restoration

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Recuperação de Coberturas Recuperação de Coberturas Recuperação de Coberturas

EMC DO BRASIL, using MAX PROTECTION system, may offer to its customers the extension of the useful life of their roofs, even in an advanced state of deterioration. Old roofs, with leaks, corrosion, loose attachment points (screws), open joints of tiles due to years of wear and tear, and thermal shock, can be fully restored.

Without adding extra weight and providing an excellent waterproofing and thermal insulation, thus reducing the room temperature, EMC offers 5- to 10 year warranties on material and workmanship.

For a better evaluation of your specific problem, please request the visit of our specialist. After identifying the problems in your roof, you will receive a full report with photos showing the problems found, and our suggestions to repair them.

All this process is totally free and without obligation.

EMC DO BRASIL can save up thousands of Reals for your company: whether avoiding the replacement of your roof or the stoppage time of the production, or even ensuring the integrity of your equipment by preventing water infiltration into your company. We suggest, but the decision is up to you.